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 ST Nubian Architects are artisans within the Built Environment, offering Architecture, Project Management and Turnkey Solutions in spaces for living, working and playing as well as their supporting infrastructure. We specialise in real estate development, construction materials and renewable energy projects and strive to discover the most positive use for any space.

During the past 30 years, we have grown to match the demand of our clients on several continents. The international experience of our team of 50+ professionals has given ST Nubian Architects the proficiency needed to handle complex tasks with unrivalled results. We are a proud Level 2 BEE company and have successfully delivered projects that include offices, factory spaces, property developments, private and social housing, hotels, schools, universities, prisons and health facilities in South Africa as well as Uruguay, Chile, the USA and Spain.

We believe that profit can be created in sustainable ways through the responsible use of resources and that life can be enhanced when working passionately with high ethic standards and by having a social conscience. ST Nubian Architects are committed to improving the qualities of every product we deliver with the rational use of all resources. We are always aiming for a higher standard, As such, our core values and focus for clients are Design Quality, Sustainability and Profitability.


Driven by our core principles, our company believes that profit can be created from honest sources. This means that our service must be directed towards sustainable business development. Our team listens to our client’s opinions, feelings and concerns, knowing that the client is the one who understands the needs of his or her won business. Our professional team have the necessary experience and skills to co-ordinate the consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers who are usually involved in the design and construction of every project. We are well equipped to successfully manage all aspects of every task needed.


Our mission is to create a multidisciplinary platform allowing the valuable integration of architecture, engineering and project managment.


We believe that architecture is much more that physical structures, that it is created for the life it holds in between. Architecture is a symbol of growth and the structures that we create hold endless possibilities.


Excellence, quality, loyalty, professionalism and confidentiality are our core values that we give to every client.

Copyright ST Nubian Architects 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright ST Nubian Architects 2016. All Rights Reserved.